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  • On-the-fly accuracy adjustments – Flit between five DPI levels at the flick of a switch
  • Sniper aim assist – Clutch function to reduce DPI instantly
  • Accurate low-recoil burst shooting – Auto click-repeat function
  • Easy customization – Eight programmable macro keys and click-to-eject drawer with adjustable weights (up to 35g)
  • When firing rapidly in first-person shooters, gun recoil can cause reduced shot accuracy and missed targets. Echelon’s auto click-repeat button enables low-recoil burst shooting with one click, resulting in greater accuracy and higher hit rates.
  • Echelon has a total of eight buttons. Assign any key, mouse command or macro via the intuitive software, and switch easily between stored profiles and DPI levels without taking your eyes off your game. With this brilliant tactical design you’ll shift vital commands from the keyboard and to Echelon laser gaming mouse – right under your fingertips!
  • Echelon laser gaming mouse’s DPI switch instantly toggles between the highest sensor resolution for the fastest motion and lower resolutions, so you benefit from tailored precision. There’s even a DPI clutch button for serious snipers — just press to reduce the DPI instantly for super-accurate aiming!
  • Echelon has a weight tuning system with an easy-to-eject drawer that lets you fine tune your mouse to achieve the best feel and performance for any type of gaming.




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Asus Echelon Lazer Gaming Mous...